The Story Of Our Homeschooling Journey

Wherever you are in life, you have a unique story.

If you are a stay-at-home mom and the president of your children’s school’s PTA, you have a story.

If you are a single mom who works crazy hours in order to make ends meet for your family, you have a story.

Maybe you are contemplating taking your child out of school to homeschool them for one reason or another… you have a unique story.

All of this being said, I am so excited for today’s article, which is the amazing Lup’s story of why they began homeschooling and what it means for her family.

Here is Lup in her own words:

Frankly speaking, I don’t know anything about homeschooling when I just had my first child until I was doing my research and finding activities for him to learn and have fun at home that I realized there is such system.


I was working then, and I sent my son to the daycare until I was pregnant with my second child. I pulled him out of the daycare and transferred him to the 3 hours playgroup. He was happy at first till something happened. He came back with “handprint” on his face and he was sobbing hysterically. I talked to him, consoled him, went to look for his teachers and discussed the matter but it wasn’t any use at all. In fact, it got worse. He got his hair pulled, spat on the face and even hit him. I decide to homeschool him.

I’ve never regretted it and we were all so happy with our homeschooling journey. My second was born and she would join in whenever she wasn’t napping. They created huge messes while learning especially during crafts session, but I was loving it. It was a very simple bliss where I got to spend my time learning and having fun with my children.


My son whose morale and confidence greatly hit by the bully have diminished. The happy and bubbly little boy has returned, and our bond was way much stronger than before. We did loads of outdoor activities, crafts and meeting new friends near our area. His love for learning has improved and always asking questions whenever he was curious about something. We always head out to explore and, at times, allowed them to lead the learning process.

Learning has become a daily thing and it happened anytime, anywhere. It wasn’t a hassle and I have no worries about them lacking behind others. We focused a lot on character building too. Nothing beats having a responsible and well-behaved child. Best of all, a better family relationship.


Lup is a mother of 2 children who loves learning and having fun at the same time. We share our home learning journey on our blog with materials too! Learning is never boring with us because we always inject happiness and fun during the learning process.

We would love to share and help families around the world, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, to create that connectivity between them and to encourage the children to be life-long learners.
Our mission is to nurture strong bonds between parent and child for a balanced behavioral and psychological development in children. In turn, this will improve and increase family connection and encourage the children to be life-long curious learners.

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