What Fun and Learning Each Season Holds

Our winter has seemed to stretch far beyond its allotted 3 months here in Wyoming. However, now that it’s not so bitterly cold (as in -13 give or take), we can finally at least enjoy the beauty that winter has to offer.

I’m still excited that spring is around the corner. Our spring usually lasts a month or so before we flitter back and forth between winter and summer again. Then, summer hits full force and we’re staggering with battling the heat. It’s an interesting shuffle, but I’ve lived here basically my entire life and there are positives to having mostly summer and winter seasons. Fall is beautiful, but, like spring, doesn’t tend to last for too long. Maybe a month or two if we’re lucky.

Down to Business

Tell me I’m not the only one who sang “Let’s get down to business… to defeat the Huns” when reading that title.

Honestly, though, seasons have so much to offer if we just look. We obviously love days we are able to go to the park (heck, we have one just down the road from our house). Other days, we have to get creative. In addition, we look on our local city websites for upcoming events to enjoy. I’m not a sporty person, so participating has never been my strong suite. BUT, my son went to a hockey game with his class recently and loved watching, so we added that to our bank of options to do on weekends as a family.

Don’t underestimate the power of new experiences. Also, if they aren’t sure what to expect, I find that my kids are usually better behaved and more engaged in whatever it is we’re doing for at least the first 30-minutes to an hour. That’s a good chunk of quality time.

Let’s jump into a couple an example of how to make the most of each season as they come and go:


We all know the leaves changing make for a fun lesson, so take advantage! If you are around enough trees, rake those babies and throw them around or hop on/in! Not only do kids love the crinkling and the ability to throw caution to the wind, but they’re inevitably helping clean up whatever area you’re in, too. Win-win! You could even do an art project with leaves to incorporate a little bonus education and fun. We’ve done little hedgehogs using the leaves and glue to decorate the body. Super cute, and both the older and younger kiddos enjoyed it.


Even though I despise being cold and driving on ice can be scary, the winter truly beholds a beauty like no other season. When the trees have been ice-kissed, you can see individual snowflake shapes, and the ground merely gets a little dusting of snow that glistens when touched by the light… it’s magical. Jack Frost knows what he’s doing out there. We love the normal snowman building, snowball fights, and, a little bit lesser known, making snow ice cream. Super simple, helps teach them about measuring, and they get a tasty treat at the end of their scooping and stirring. You can find recipes for different flavors, but we like to go with the simple vanilla and just add toppings for personal touches and tastes.


Although brief in these parts, spring happens to be one of my favorite seasons. Not because of the mud, but because of the new life, new colors from all the flowers blooming. Besides simply picking some of our flowers to have in a vase on the table, we enjoy picking out vegetables and fruits to plant in our garden during this time. Gathering knowledge about how our food comes to be, how to nurture something from seed to plant to food, and witnessing the need for patience as it grows is a pretty incredible part of life.


A break from school (for those that don’t do year round), some much needed consistent vitamin D, and so many possibilities happen during summer. I’m a huge fan. Of course, if you live where it gets sweltering, then your winters and summers may be a bit swip swapped for you as far as when you’re stuck mostly inside as opposed to when you get to enjoy the outdoors more. But, for us Wyomingites, summer is a time for camping, pools, bike riding, etc. As for a touch of education, bugs are usually out full force about now, so feel free to teach them all about insects. Or create a hopscotch game in chalk and work on counting and number or color recognition for the little tykes. You get a little exercise and fun mixed in with the learning they don’t even realize they’re doing.

Each season offers an amazing amount of opportunities to add a touch of fun and learning into the mix. You won’t always feel like coming up with ideas yourself, so pop on over to grab my activity planner with lists for each season as well as bonus scavenger hunts for them as well! Take the research and much of the deliberation out. Focus on picking one and having a good time!

Feel free to also grab my ebook here to learn how to embrace your parenting in order to help your child learn, grow, and develop! Consider it a cheers to you, your worries, your guilt, and everything you do!

We are all in this together!

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Jessica is a thirty-something mom. With two degrees under my belt and a virtual assistant business, I find mommy-hood to be the most challenging yet rewarding part of my life.

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