A Teacher's Take On Why Reading Is So Important For Young Children

We have heard time and again that reading is beneficial for children as soon as they’re born (and even earlier — I used to read to both my boys in utero!), but have you ever stopped to ask why this is? While the answer may seem obvious, there are some aspects that many of us never think about, which is why I am SO excited to welcome a former kindergarten to explain more in depth the importance of reading to your young child!

Bonus: She is also an Usborne consultant, which — if you know me — is one of the two direct sales companies I will actually buy from because their books are absolutely wonderful. If you would like to give the gift of a great story this Christmas, definitely check out her site!


For several years, I worked as a title reading teacher and then a kindergarten teacher. My goal was to help children improve their skills and reading abilities while helping them spark a love of reading. I wanted to show my students that reading is important in life.

When a child is read to so many things happen: the child is reassured, entertained, inspired, vocabulary swells, forms a bond with the reader, becomes informed, his/her listening comprehension and reading comprehension improve, and they become passionate about reading.


The more a child is read to the more words a child hears in their lifetime. This opens them up to learning/understanding more vocabulary. For example, a child who is read to for 20 minutes a day will hear/learn 1,800,000 words per year. The child will then have more vocabulary, which opens their minds to more sounds which that will help their speech and talking develop and progress. They are able to expand their verbal expression quicker than a child who is not read to.

A child who hears or reads a favorite story over and over again will learn more about the story because he/she will discover new things while becoming more familiar with the structure and sequence of the story. Reading enhances their memory skills and makes them more aware of what is happening in the story.

Reading is not only something that occurs in schools, but also happens in a child’s everyday life. Reading helps them order food at their favorite restaurant, read signs when they go on an adventure with family, and even when they go shopping for that special toy they have to have. Reading is not only something they are made to do in school, but an essential piece that connects them to the world around them.

Usborne Books and More can captivate kid’s attention and get them excited about reading. Usborne Books and More books can be paired with activities and crafts that can enhance a child’s ability to learn and grow their small motor skills. For example, parents, teachers, caregivers, and kids can read “Love You Hoo” (a story about an owl talking about how much she loves her little one) and create owls out of paper plates and construction paper. The kids can tear brown construction paper into small pieces and glue it onto a paper plate that is cut into the shape of an owl. The kids can then cut out eyes, a beak, and feet from yellow construction paper to glue onto their owl. Without even knowing it, the kids are working on small motor skills that help build finger strength to do everyday things such as, putting on pants, pull socks on, button coats, and much more. This is just one book and activity that children can do. Usborne Books has many more books that inspire children to learn and practice different life skills.


Not only does Usborne Books and More have reading books, but they have several books that have the students interact with the book. They have fingerprint books, sticker books, and wipe-clean books just to name a few. The fingerprint books that help children practice and learn to isolate movement in their fingers. The sticker books engage the mind to imagine what they want something to look. They then get the opportunity to create that image with the stickers all while, again, using small motor skills to attach the stickers into the book. The Wipe-clean books allow kids to practice handwriting, clocks, math, writing words, and so much more. By allowing children to physical scribble letters, kids discover the joy and practicality of literacy and will want to discover more!

Usborne Books and More books are not only for children that are school age. Usborne Books and More books have books that can start children off reading and learning from the time they are born. They have Touchy-feely books that allow baby and toddlers to start exploring books early. These books start to peak students interest by allowing them to feel different tactile sensations and learn words such as soft, rough, fluffy, and so much more. They even have jigsaw books that allow children to start training their eyes to look and find certain pieces or to find hidden objects that may not always be looking for. Usborne Books and More have books for all ages.


As children get a little older they are learning their letters, counting, colors, etc., which is where there are tons of Usborne Books and More books that are interesting and fun to read that help children learn these things. Our big book of colors and big book of numbers are just two examples of many books to choose from to help your child learn about them. Plus, we have many books to help children learn to read. For example our first reading library are dual readers to help children hear correct reading from an adult while also taking a turn at reading to build confidence and practice. Also they have a fun questionnaire at the end to build understanding and comprehension.

Our phonic stories are fun reads and help kids hear rhyming and learn to pick out the rhyming words like in “Shark in the Park” (One of our many phonics readers).

Knowing that most kids learn hands-on, we have learning palettes. Learning palettes are cards that use our learning palette base and 12 colored disks to help children practice skills or learn skills in reading and math while being able to self-check their answers. They are easy and fun to use, allows kids to work at their own pace, and has an unique self-correction. They are a fun tool to help kids work on skills.

In conclusion, Usborne Books and More have so many different books that it is hard to name them all. Their books bring stories to life and allow the reader to be creative while reading. They have a book for everyone. There are not only books for students to read, but also books that help a child’s mind grow and develop as they continue to grow themselves. It does not matter if a child is first learning about books or have been around books forever Usborne Books and More has a book for everyone. Their books are easily used to create your own curriculum or used side by side with other curriculum to teach children not only to read, but so much more. Usborne Books and More can help kids from learning to read to learning about counting numbers and much more. Usborne Books and More has different levels of books that can bring a reader to life and let them discover what the world has to offer. It is an incredible company that allow children to soar and explore who they want to be.

CallieJo Schilling
Usborne Books and More Consultant